Inspiration from animal patterns, reference to shapes on wild panther fur. Natural colours, in shades of brown and beige combined with delicate shiny jets.  A distinctive style in an elegant and subtle version.

A bow as an eye-catcher. A hat supposed to be a supplement to everyday wardrobe for winter and autumn for a woman who needs a sophisticated style.

Gentle striations combined with light flowers and several stripes, giving together an impression of transience. The design allows you to find a balance between the amount of decorative techniques used and visual calm and airiness.

The model is addressed to customers who like traditional styles. The raised pleat plays a decorative role and additionally causes that on cooler days the wind is not so annoying. Decorative elements in the form of small flowers and leaves in the color of the hat add charm and femininity.

A classic form of a visored cap combined with a small and charming addition - a heart on a coloured ribbon. The detail enlivening the cap introduces a nice variety for the eye against the background of a uniform color model.

This model is designed for a form that is rarely seen on the head - a toque. Subdued dark and rich colours combined with a beautiful pom-pom is the final combination giving a chance to show off in a unique combination.